5 Important Questions to Ask During an Open House

5 Important Questions to Ask During an Open House

When investigating the quality and desirable attributes of a prospective new home, your opportunity to tour the home via an open house is critical. Descriptive details of the home’s unique features written in the listing and professional photos capturing each room’s beauty with the perfect lighting sparked your interest. But as many would agree, dazzling photographs and alluring descriptions of your prospective home do not come close to the experience of being inside it.

It is important to make a list of critical questions to ask the seller or your real estate agent while touring the home. When taking in every room, discussing attributes of the home with your real estate agent, spouse, or anyone you may have taken with you, it can be easy to become so immersed in the tour that you forget to ask these critical questions. To ensure you are as informed as possible about every last detail of your prospective new home, be sure to ask these five questions during its open house.

Why is the owner selling?

This is an important question because it reveals a lot about the home. Are they moving because they’ve accepted a job offer requiring a move? Are they moving to be closer to a loved one? Reasons like these are good to hear as they do not denote negative attributes about the home itself, causing the seller to relocate. However, other reasons for wanting to sell can point to qualities about the home that may or may not be to your liking. Of course, not everything that may have bothered the seller about their home will bother you. For example, the seller may want a home with fewer stairs. This obviously isn’t an inherently negative quality about the home. Nonetheless, it is essential to ask this question because it may reveal more details about the house that are important to know.

Are there any structural issues?

Edmonton real estate is blessed with a market of homes typically in top-notch condition. With that said, just because the home may be newer or well within the categorization of luxury real estate doesn’t mean you don’t need to inquire about any structural issues your prospective home may have. It’s easy to become star-struck by chic, modern designs and not a single sound of creaking floorboards, cupboards, or doors. Do not let that fool you. There may not be any structural issues to be aware of, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inquire about any potential ones. Sellers are required by law to disclose any structure issues they know exist in their home or property. Therefore, request an official seller’s disclosure from your real estate agent while you tour the home.

What updates has the house had, and when did they occur?

Again, just because the home may be a newer build or look shiny and stylish on the surface, don’t assume it is exempt from possibly needing updates. Is the roof shingled? If so, what kind of shingles are they, and how old are they? What kind of electric system does your house have, and does it need an update? If a home inspection report is not immediately available, it is easy to obtain one. The seller will most likely have given your real estate agent information about recent home updates, but it is preferable to have a home inspection professional assess the home. Once you have a clear idea of any updates the house may or may not need, you can make a more informed decision about your prospective home.

Does this neighborhood have an HOA?

It is not uncommon for suburban real estate listings to have HOAs, and many houses for sale in Windermere may have HOAs. HOAs are not an issue within themselves, but it’s important to become clear on your prospective home’s HOAs to make sure they agree with you. For those unfamiliar with an HOA, it is an acronym for Homeowner’s Association, and a home’s HOA pertains to neighborhood regulations, rules, or fees regarding remodeling plans or yard landscaping. Your prospective home’s HOA may be insignificant to you, but it is still important to be clear on what these HOAs may be.

Does the seller have a timeline?

This is an important question, especially if this home is high on your interest list. Sellers looking to close on their homes sooner than later are looking for serious, committed buyers. If this is you, be sure to make your interest known and act quickly. That is, of course, after you’ve received all the information you need to know from the four previous questions. If you think you’re falling in love with a home and the seller’s deadline is swiftly approaching, don’t let that alone rush you into any serious decision-making without having all the information you need and deserve to make an informed decision. Nonetheless, it is still important to know the seller’s timeline to gather all the information you need before you make an offer to keep up with their timeline.

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