7 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

7 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

Buying a home is one of the most significant investments that you will ever make. Whether you are planning on living in your new property or using it to generate income, it is wise to do thorough research before moving in on any real estate investment. When buying a home, the inspection is one of the most essential steps you can take in the process, and it involves very little effort on your end. Here are seven important reasons why you should get a home inspection before buying.

1. Many problems that homes can have are not immediately visible

It can be very difficult, if not impossible, to determine what is really going on inside a home just by looking at it. If you’ve ever worked on drywall or seen a house as it is being built, you probably realize that the structure of a home is very different from its external features. This means that, for instance, termites could eat through a significant portion of a home’s woodwork without changing the appearance of the drywall or paint. Alternately, a large appliance like an air conditioning unit or a water heater could be on its way out without appearing much different to the untrained eye. A home inspector will look at past appearances in order to get a deeper understanding of the home’s condition.

2. An inspection will help you to avoid delays

If you find out what is going on with a home on the front end, it reduces the chances of getting surprised later on in the home-buying process. You do not want to find out about issues with the home once you have moved forward in the buying process, as this would have the potential to slow things down, if not derail the purchase altogether. The sooner you can get an inspection done, the sooner you know whether or not you can move forward with the purchase with peace of mind.

3. You have very little recourse against a seller once the sale closes

Real estate, especially luxury real estate, is a major purchase that cannot be returned. Once you have signed the paperwork and taken possession of a home, you have very little recourse if you discover issues after the fact. In certain extreme circumstances, you may have some protections. However, if you simply pay more than a home is worth or otherwise fail to do due diligence, there is no law that protects you from that.

Keep in mind that just because the seller owned the home and may have lived in it does not mean that the seller knows the ins and outs of the house any better than you do. 

4. Inspection is a relatively minor expense

The cost of a home inspection will vary widely, but generally, it is only a few hundred dollars. Let’s say you are looking at Crestwood, Windermere, or Edmonton real estate, and you are thinking of purchasing a home worth hundreds of thousands - or even millions - of dollars. The cost of an inspection is a drop in the bucket by comparison. Consider the cost of home repairs. Let’s say the inspection reveals damage to the foundation or roof of a home. That could cost thousands of dollars to fix. Paying a couple of hundred bucks for an inspection would be minuscule by comparison.

5. A home inspection could save you money

While the inspection is a minor expense that could help you to avoid costly fixes once you take possession of a home, it could also help you to improve your position when negotiating the sale. Sometimes when an issue is discovered, a buyer will rectify the problem before closing the sale, and thus you save money on the cost of the repair. Alternatively, an inspection may reveal minor issues that could nevertheless give you a leg up when bargaining with the current owner.

6. Inspections are not invasive or time-consuming

A home inspector is not going to tear the home apart in order to look inside every little crevice. An inspection is just a simple, non-invasive walkthrough in which a qualified professional looks at important features of a home and notes any irregularities. This allows you to get a professional opinion on the condition of a home with relatively little investment of time, money, or energy. Since you will probably not already occupy a home that you are having inspected, the inspection will not bother you at all. Because it is not overly intensive or time-consuming, the inspection will not bother the current homeowner very much, either.

If you have additional questions about the process of a home inspection, check out this list of frequently asked questions about inspections.

7. An inspection can reveal critical safety issues

All homes need maintenance from time to time, and the homeowner does not always know it right away. If you are looking at luxury Edmonton real estate or upscale houses for sale in Windermere, you will probably encounter homes that are well maintained. However, when purchasing any home, there are safety concerns to consider. Home inspections can reveal structural problems, as well as damage, mold, termites, and a host of other issues. Even a luxury home could have a hidden safety issue that could be revealed during an inspection, as unlikely as it may be. Rather than taking a chance on your safety as well as the safety of your household members and pets, get an inspection for added peace of mind.

Learn more by talking to a real estate agent

If you are interested in looking at houses for sale in Windermere, Edmonton, or Crestwood, you are going to see some beautiful homes. Any experienced real estate agent will likely recommend a home inspection as part of the home-buying process. If you have questions about the need for inspection or other aspects of buying or selling a home, reach out to the professionals at Luxury Edmonton. The team specializes in Edmonton real estate, and they can also guide you through the available inventory of houses for sale in Windermere or Crestwood.

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